1B/613 Body Wave Closure Features, Pricing and Reviews

The hair used in the construction of 1B/613 Body Wave Closures is 100% Remy human hair. Hand-tying the hair to a lace base increases its longevity and durability. This fastener is low-maintenance and adaptable to a wide range of looks. Many people who want more volume in their hair choose this method. Depending on the quality of the hair, the cost of this closure can be anywhere from $40 to $150.

Advantages and Design Elements of the Seal

The B/ Body Wave Closure is the way to go if you want to get a style that is equal parts body wave and natural hair. Because it is constructed entirely of human hair, you can rest assured that this closure is of the finest quality. The B/ Body Wave Closure is a steal at its low price of $39.99. Because it’s virgin human hair, you can style it anyway you like by dying, curling, or straightening it.

Cost Estimate for Finalisation

There are several variables that will affect the final cost of a closure. The first is the finalisation method. Lace, silk, and monofilament are the three most used materials for fasteners. Do your homework before settling on a closure, since there are pros and cons to each option.

Next, consider the closure’s size. The sizes of closures range from 4 by 4 inches to 8 by 10 inches. The cost of a closure increases proportionally with its size.

The last thing to think about is where to buy your closure from. There is a wide variety of suppliers available, and their prices vary.

Closure Maintenance Advice

There are a few things to remember when tending to your closure. It all starts with the shampoo and conditioner you use. If you want to take care of your closure without worrying about damaging your hair, look for products made for that purpose.

Secondly, because heat can also damage your closure, you should never use it. Dry your closure naturally or with a blow dryer set to a cool temperature. Avoid mats and tangles by gently brushing your closure with a wide-tooth comb.

Keeping your closing in pristine condition for months to come is as easy as following these guidelines.

1B/613 Body Wave Closure Substitutes

You can choose from a few different alternatives to the B/613 Body Wave Closure. The C/613 Body Wave Closure is an alternative that serves a similar purpose but has a slightly different wave pattern.

The D/613 Body Wave Closure is an alternate choice; its wave pattern is more apparent. The E/613 Body Wave Closure is the most restrictive kind available.

Depending on your personal taste, you can pick from a variety of different appearances. Whatever fastener you decide to go with, you can rest assured that it will elevate your overall style.


If you want to amp up your style with volume and texture, the 1B/613 Body Wave Closure is a fantastic choice. The 1B/613 Body Wave Closure is a great choice because it’s reasonably priced, features soft lace material, and has genuine waves.

You may get beautiful hair with this product without sacrificing quality or breaking the bank. If you’re in the market for a new style, read more on the 1B/613 Body Wave Closure and see what other people have to say about it.

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